Black Soft Touch - Electric "Coil" Lighter

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  • Produces Flame in the Harshest of Conditions
  • Built-in Water-Resistant Flashlight
  • Long Battery Life (up to 500 uses per charge)
  • Fully Rechargeable (includes charging cable)
  • Rugged Build for Survivalists and Outdoorsmen

The Power of Fire in the Palm of Your Hand

A self-contained lightning generator that produces a waterproof, windproof 1,800 degree flame that stays lit under the harshest conditions even under running water!

Only recently has this revolutionary technology become available to the general public. Teams of engineers have developed the Black Lighter that uses Tesla Coil's technology and combines it with a lithium ion battery to create a user-friendly consumer version of the ingenious device.

Water Proof, Windproof, and Fully Rechargable

No other lighter technology can match the rugged durability and convenience of our double arch plasma lighter. Our engineers have invested countless hours of research and design to produce a lighter that will stand up to extensive use and continue to work in harsh environments.

Technical Specifications Black Lighter

  • 01 Dual Arc Plasma Ignition
  • 02 Ignition Button
  • 03 Latch Cover Release
  • 04 USB Charging Port
  • 05 Rugged Outer Shell
  • 06 Latch Cover
  • 07 Retaining Clip
  • 08 Lanyard Clip

We’ve Got All The Answers

The Ultimate Electronic Survival Lighter for Outdoor and Daily Use
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